How to Prepare for a Fire Sprinkler Inspection

A fire sprinkler inspection is a test that is required by law. It’s designed to keep your business safe and provide comfort with the knowledge that your sprinkler system is in great condition. Before you schedule a fire sprinkler inspection california, prepare for the test first. When you’re prepared for the fire sprinkler inspection, you’ll make it through with flying colors and peace of mind.

·    Meet with the inspector before the actual sprinkler inspection. This gives you the chance to learn what the inspector is going to look for during the inspection so you can better prepare. If you’re unable to meet with the inspector by phone, perhaps placing a phone call will help.

·    Ensure that you are available to meet with the inspector, or an authorized person who has access to all areas of the facility and to all keys. Make sure that the authorized person who attends the inspection if you cannot be present, takes notes to help better serve your needs.

·    Provide the inspector with copies of the equipment inspection and testing reports. Review prior reports with the inspector to ensure that any issues found during prior inspections are properly corrected.

·    Ensure sprinkler inspections are scheduled regularly to prevent major mishaps from occurring. Most sprinkler inspections are needed once every few years. Check with your provider to learn the actual time frames best suited for your inspection.

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A fire sprinkler inspection is an important part of regular routine maintenance on your unit. It protects everyone in the facility as well as the business itself when a fire sprinkler is in place, but only when it works as it should. The inspection ensures that your sprinkler system is ready to protect in the time of need.