Creating An Outside Oasis

For many of us having a relaxing place to sit and enjoy our homes is a treat.  The one place we seldom think of is the patios tustin mi.  This area of our homes is generally overlooked since we seldom think of using it, but in fact it is the gateway to your home. 

Hanging plants

When creating a calm and tranquil patio dressing it up with some plants, hanging vines or a flower box will add a spark of interest to a typically dull environment.  With plants we can change them out at different times or seasons of the year.  Depending on the plats you choose they may attract butterflies, lizards and other wildlife to your patio which could be an enjoyable distraction.


patios tustin mi.

Adding furniture to your patio is also a great idea.  Having a few rocking chairs, a lounger or just a few wicker chairs and a table will allow you to go and sit outside on cool summer nights.  Fire pits are also a good addition to some patios and can be a focal or centerpiece to your design.


Mosquitoes, flies, bees and other insects can make your enjoyable outdoor experience a real nightmare.  Adding a layer of screening to your patio will allow you to keep these annoying insects out.  Also, if you add glass or sliding screen windows and doors you can weather proof your patio making it enjoyable all year round.

Ramps and other accessories

Some finishing touches to your patios can be installing a ramp to make your patio handicap accessible.  Exterior lighting and general landscaping can help bring out the power of your patio.

At the end of the day you want to design a patio that is a center piece for you and your home.