Bed Bugs 101

The world is filled with bugs, crawly creatures and stuff that will just make our skin crawl.  Out of all of these bugs there is one that is a total nightmare and one that will take extreme measures to kill.  These are bed bugs.  When it comes to bed bugs they seem to come out of nowhere.  When they do appear however it will take a long detailed process to get rid of them.  No matter what you need, start your bed bug treatments la marque tx as soon as possible.

Quarantine Everything

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When you first discover bed bugs it is vital to get the process started ASAP to kill them.  If you don’t they will multiply like wildfire.  In the quarantine process you want to get back garbage bags and put all of your clothing and personal items in these bags.  You will want to take the bags outside and let them sit in direct sunlight.  The idea is to get the contents in the bogs hot.  Heat kills bed bugs.

Move your items away from the wall

You want to move all your items away from the wall.  If you have items against the wall the bugs have places to hide.

Bag your mattress, pillows and other items

You want to bag your mattress. Since bugs live in your mattress sealing the mattress will keep the bugs from spreading. 

Rub down everything with alcohol

You want to take rubbing alcohol and wipe down all of the surfaces in your room.  This will be the walls, bed frame, windows and everything else. 

Run your room with a vacuum

You want to vacuum your carpet and hard floors with a vacuum cleaner.  You want to hit your baseboards, window stills and every single corner of the room.

Baby Powder

Take baby powder and other powders such as bed bug poison.  When spreading this stuff around the room do it in a fine mist.  Don’t clump the powder in any one spot.  If you have holes, cracks and crevices in your rom make sure to spray those as well. You want to also have a few puffs behind your light switches and outlet panels

The reason for the light powder is that it will stick to the bugs’ bodies and tear them apart.  You want to repeat this process every few days.  Finally, stay out of that room.  Bed Bugs thrive on carbon dioxide.  They like being in your bed and on you for their oxygen.